the french alpes

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Last week I went skiing with my friends for the first time in my life. There’s actual proof of this in the shape of a semi-permanent bruise the size of Africa on my ass. You’re welcome. But actually apart from that, the trip was so much fun.

It was 10 of us taking a 22-hour bus ride from Budapest over to Grenoble, it was so long that we basically ran out of letters playing Mr. X (our favourite guessing game). We picked Les Deux Alpes because it has over 200km of ski slopes and the prices were a lot better compared to Austrian ski resorts. I hadn’t been in the mountains during wintertime sice I was a little child, it got me so excited when the bus was circling in the Alpes. And the view from the windows was breathtaking.

Aside from the daily struggles on the slippery slopes, we also went on a little trip to Venosc, a nearby village that we had direct access to via a ski lift. We had our first Raclette, a traditional French dish of potatoes that you dip into what is basically melted cheese, it was beyond delicious. The waiter at our restaurant was very generous, he got us slightly tipsy on some delicious red wine and proceeded to offer us 4-5 shots of Génépi, a traditional herbal liquor of the region. Needless to say, I highly recommend! We swam outdoors, had an intense sauna session with The Cure playing on repeat and had so many laughs while playing the weirdest games each night.

These were some of my favourite shots from the week.



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