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Hi! I’m Zsófi, 22, and am typing this from a cafe in Berlin.
Most of the time this will be the case seeing as I have a dwelling in Berlin and spend most of my time here.
Other times I might check in from Budapest where my family lives and where I was born.

You have stumbled upon my blog and I bet you’re as confused as to what it’s for as I am at the moment.
I started it mainly to create a space for my analog photos and to avoid spamming my friends with them on Instagram.
Also, to type up things that don’t fit into the extensive perimeters of an iMessages or Whatsapp text.
Surprisingly, I have thoughts that are more than a couple hundred characters long.
They might be things that resonate with people outside of my close friendship circle, so I might as well just type it up here and link my friends to my blog instead. Jokes.

I hope you stick around, if not for all of the above, then for the hand-drawn gifs. Maybe. They’ll improve, I promise!